Saturday, 20 November 2010

Who said Animation was ever easy?

Good day, Happy gadders!
Today has been a day of both good and bad things... Whilst Animating and creating graphical elements have been an absolute doddle; there have been some pretty silly problems within the terms of Software and Hardware.

It seems to be the case that my PC funnily enough likes to cause wanton and destruction to my Flash projects, so.. unfortunately it means having to start back at square one again (Almost..).

All problems aside - The animation has sparked a slight interest with a few people I know - and I'd like to think that it could be something of a two (or more) parter. ...Who knows... it all depends on the fan-base or how well this first project pans out.

Hoping to have a slight preview/intro test up here tomorrow... And perhaps maybe another fan?

That's all for now.. Ciao!

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