Monday, 22 November 2010

Names, Styles and ... Endless Problems...

Hello HappyGadders!
After a day of thinking up of a name (and some kind of plot), I've finally got a name for the animation:
*Drum Roll Please...*
Son of A Lie.

Whilst I don't exactly wish to go into details on what the plot is about, I can say that it will be more than likely that this will carry over into at least 3 parts.
Some of the themes portrayed in this will be Anxiety, Sadness and.. Well, not to say that the WHOLEEEE thing will be set on depressing themes and crushed dreams, but i'll wait until it's time to  go about telling you anymore details (As there are some which I'm not so sure about yet!).

I have started on the animation itself, however - I have run into MANY problems with this dastardly machine of mine!
As said beforehand, this PC isn't quite up to spec to allow me to create the things which I'm oh so wanting to make; So - Progress has become very slow...

I'll upload the intro sequence here tomorrow to hopefully spark some interest in this blog... Otherwise, I'm essentially just writing to myself...

Ciao for now..!

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